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Parish Donations, Thank you to all who support our parish financially. We provide this online secure facility for your convenience.

Donation Funds

Below is the options to Donate to the parish of Donore & Faith Communities of Rossnaree & Donore Online.

There are three funds available to donate to, Parish Plate Collection, the Parish Development Fund and the Parish Priest Offering. 

Plate Collection

Donate to the Plate Collection. This is the General Fund.

Development Fund

Donate to the Parish Development Fund.

Priest Offering

Donate to the Priest Offering Fund.

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All donations are processed in a safe & secure manner using Stripe’s Secure Payment gateway infrastructure. Stripe is a Global Irish company which specialises in Online Transactions 

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Payment Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms and Conditions   This payment system is provided by Donore & Rossnaree Parish and its third-party suppliers.   Donore & Rossnaree Parish may update these terms from time

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